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8 Meter Pole

Physical specification

* Along the minor of 8 meter 200 kg work load from top and 2nd hole at 200MM from top.

* Along the minor axis 5 holes. 1st hole at 75 MM from top. 2nd hole at 375 MM from top. 3nd hole at 675 MM from top. 4th hole at 975 MM from top. 5th hole at 1275 MM from top. Both sides of the holes as indicated above shall be provided in each pole.

pole shall be rectangular in cross section. The top section shall be 145 MM X 90MM and bottom section 290 mm X 90 mm total length of 8 meters, over all weight of 360 kgs. Each pole shall be provided with 18 mm dia through holes suitable for 16 mm disc bolt at the following distance from the top along the minor axis in case of poles shall be used on L.T lines.Each pole shall be provided with pre stressing steel wire of 4MM diameter with guaranteed ultimate strength of 175 kgs/mm2, nos. as tensioned wire and 2 numbers with pre stressed wires.