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Production Details & Process of Manufacturing

Manufacturing process & equipment selection

High tension wire is pretension in the empty moulds; rings are fixed at both ends hooks are fixed at 1:6 meter from both ends. G.I. wire is placed in the centre of the moulds. Now cement, sand , stone chips in specified ratio are mixed in properly in mixer .
Rhe mixture is poured into the moulds and vibrators are used during pouring time. 72 hrs after completion of this processs, poles are send to the stacking yard with help of modules moulds trolley for water curing. the poles are cured with water for 28 days for attaining required strength. Concern may also make arrangments for curing the poles by steam process to reduce the time of curing from 72 hrs to 8 hrs resulting in high production capacity of the unit.
The list of equipment has been finalized in view of the proposed operations as described above:

1). Concrete Mixture
2). Vibrator
3). MS Rod, Cutting Tools
4). Other Equipment
5). Mould hand Trolley
6). Iron platform for casting etc.

Quality policy

As per Govt. Specification